How to Report Your Scores

At the end of the night, take a clear picture of your signed and completed scoresheet with a cell phone. Email the image to If you’d like to, you can take an image of both teams scoresheets and submit it on behalf of both teams.

If you have spare money to pay, you can put the cash in the small envelopes provided in your team packages. Those envelopes must be dropped off before 6pm Wednesday at either 97 Street Pub or Kelly O’Bryans Westside.

2016-17 KEBA Committee

We are proud to announce the start of the 2016-2017 season and to introduce your new KEBA Committee.

Together, we have much planned for this upcoming season.  As usual, we will be hosting the Scotch Doubles and Season tournaments along with both the Men’s and Ladies Shootouts. As well, we will be getting back to tradition with a proper Windup Party and trophy/prize presentation at year’s end.