AGM Meeting Notes – Jan 14/18

  • Teams that did not attend the AGM have been deducted 10 points for not having a representative present.
  • Bunkhouse A has moved venue’s to Lake City Bowl.  This impacts Carlos B, Lake City Bowl C, and Packing House B games only.
  • Voting took place and the following motions were passed…
    • no more new players may be added to rosters for this season
    • next season teams will be capped at 7 paid players
    • effective immediately, the mandatory number weeks of play to qualify for a tournament has been increased to 6 from 3.  (the tournament on the 20th is exempt)
    • next season, breaking will no longer be determined by coin flip.
  • The committee is investigating move the statistics to an online platform.
  • The committee is looking for new volunteers for next season.


How to Report Your Scores

At the end of the night, take a clear picture of your signed and completed scoresheet with a cell phone. Email the image (please put your team name as the subject line) to If you’d like to, you can take an image of both teams scoresheets and submit it on behalf of both teams.

Please make sure your scoresheet is completed in full!!!

If you have spare money to pay, place the money in a sealed envelope (some were provided in your team package). Those envelopes must be dropped off before 5pm Wednesday at either 97 Street Pub or Kelly O’Bryans Westside or your scores for the week will not be posted!

If there is an error or omission in the stats posted, please report them by emailing (please do not call or text).  The problem will be looked at and will be corrected in the next stat posting the following week.