Team Standings

Updated 02/16/18

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PenaltyPtsTeam NameDivRank
20597 Street AA1
200Whiski-Jack's BB2
194Rose's AA3
186Creekside BB4
186Whiski-Jack's AA4
183Army & Navy CB6
181Riley's BB7
*167Bunkhouse AA8
164Mission Tap House BB9
161Army & Navy BB10
160Kelly O'Bryans WS BB11
153Army & Navy DA12
*145Woody's AA13
*144Rose's BB14
144Rose's CB14
14297 Street BB16
139McCulloch Station BB17
136Baxters AA18
136Carlos O'Bryans AB18
*134Woody's BB20
131Army & Navy AA21
131Riley's AA21
130Mission Tap House DA23
129Packing House DA24
128Kelly O'Bryans WS AA25
122Packing House AB26
116Creekside AA27
114Carlos O'Bryans BA28
110Mission Tap House AA29
*109Lake City Bowl AA30
*109Riley's DA30
107Rose's DA32
106Lake City Bowl CA33
105Packing House CB34
99Bunkhouse BB35
98Riley's CB36
*96Mission Tap House CB37
94Packing House BA38
*86McCulloch Station AA39
*75Lake City Bowl BB40
73Baxters BB41
*12Lake City Bowl DB42


Note: * Asterisk means loss of 10 points for not attending meetings, and/or loss of all team and individual points for not sending in scoresheet and/or Spare Money


By Division

PtsTeam NameDivRank PtsTeam NameDivRank
20597 Street AA1200Whiski-Jack's BB2
194Rose's AA3186Creekside BB4
186Whiski-Jack's AA4183Army & Navy CB6
167Bunkhouse AA8181Riley's BB7
153Army & Navy DA12164Mission Tap House BB9
145Woody's AA13161Army & Navy BB10
136Baxters AA18160Kelly O'Bryans WS BB11
131Army & Navy AA21144Rose's BB14
131Riley's AA21144Rose's CB14
130Mission Tap House DA2314297 Street BB16
129Packing House DA24139McCulloch Station BB17
128Kelly O'Bryans WS AA25136Carlos O'Bryans AB18
116Creekside AA27134Woody's BB20
114Carlos O'Bryans BA28122Packing House AB26
110Mission Tap House AA29105Packing House CB34
109Lake City Bowl AA3099Bunkhouse BB35
109Riley's DA3098Riley's CB36
107Rose's DA3296Mission Tap House CB37
106Lake City Bowl CA3375Lake City Bowl BB40
94Packing House BA3873Baxters BB41
86McCulloch Station AA3912Lake City Bowl DB42