2017 – 2018 – Season Playoffs

Playoffs start Mar 5, 2018 –   Click here to view the draw sheet.

A few points regarding playoff bars…

  • Riley’s & Bunkhouse A home games will be played at Lake City Bowl
  • Wednesday night games at 97 Street, Creekside or Whiski-Jack’s Pubs will be played Thursdays

Rules Overview:

  • Higher ranked team is home team, except for 1st Place final (A-Side Winner will be home)
    • Exception to this would be if there are more teams than tables.  The lowest ranked team will either wait for the higher ranked teams to finish, or agree on an alternate location prior (i.e. Lake City Bowl).  If you need help coming to an agreement, one of the committee members can help you out.
  • Race to 8 wins to take the night!
  • Players can play in any order
    • Exception to this is spares, they can play (no fee) but must be in the last position.
  • Double knockout
  • Winners report your results to scores@kelowna8ball.ca or text 250-469-1436 when games are complete.
  • Drawsheet will be updated once all results are in